Technology enabled insurance solution delivery.

Spraoi is the Gaelic word for fun!
 Our idea of fun is the delivery of products and 
services in a different way.

Talk to us—you will see the difference!


We are a unique group of professionals who approach product
 and service delivery differently.


Virtualized integration of Big 4 insurance consultants, Silicon Valley technologists and offshore resources.


Because your goals are our goals, we craft gain sharing deals to ensure our software never deviates from your desired outcomes.


We implement the right software for the problem at hand, not what is most convenient.


Cost effective solutions, delivered differently.


Microservices architected sales, service and claims portal application, enabling direct-to-consumer model for products.

Insurance Machine Learning Suite

The IML Suite is a comprehensive set of machine learning algorithms tailored to optimize functions across the value chain.

Innovation as a Service (IaaS)

Simplified and accelerated traditional technology service delivery that differentiates us from other Big 4 competitors for business. More details.

Integrated vertical analysts and full stack engineering “tiger teams”

Go beyond PowerPoint to bring strategies to life

Maintain traction through seamless transition from concept to implementation


Integration of Big 4 insurance professionals, Silicon Valley
 technologists and offshore scale.

Matthew O’Mara

Matthew O’Mara

Matt brings over 20 years of experience in insurance technology solutions, leading efforts for clients to achieve strategic business outcomes. He has delivered value for clients including Aflac, AIG, Liberty Mutual, Lincoln Financial, MetLife, Nationwide and Unum. Prior to co-founding Spraoi, he was a Partner at Deloitte and EY. Most recently he led Global Life and Annuities consulting at EY.

Karan Mishra

Karan Mishra

Karan brings over 10 years of experience in insurance technology consulting. He has led numerous insurance technology efforts, most notably a global application development project in Asia. He has led efforts for clients including Aflac, AIG, Dearborn Financial and Lincoln Financial. Prior to co-founding Spraoi, Karan was EY’s insurance systems integration leader.

Santoash Rajaram

Santoash Rajaram

Santoash is a seasoned technologist, spending over a decade leading development teams. His passion is for taking concepts to scalable products. Santoash brings both technology leadership experience to enterprise and consumer applications, incorporating next generation concepts to UX, machine learning and AI. Prior to co-founding Spraoi, Santoash led a large development organization at Apple.

Our Team

Eclectic mix of technologists, consultants, insurance domain experts
 and solution leaders.

Mamta Chaurdia
Product Engineering Lead

As a product engineering lead at Sproai, I have the opportunity to be a part of the strategic development and delivery of cutting edge solutions. It is my joy to focus on solving our clients’ business problems through technology-driven solutions. We bring a lean, driven and innovative approach that yields benefits that are truly differentiating, in both experience and outcome, from anywhere else I have worked.

I come to Spraoi with strategy and management consulting experience from Deloitte, and technology delivery acumen from Cognizant. I have leveraged both to create a streamlined and strategic product roadmap geared for success. Spraoi’s approach is in perfect alignment with what I seek in a company. Being a part of this team has been the perfect balance of excitement and accomplishment.

Deepak Mohapatra
India Operations Leader

Having worked with large global IT organizations in the US, UK, Europe and India for almost two decades, I was keen to create, build and nurture something from scratch. Spraoi provided a perfect “startup” opportunity for me to apply all that I had learned.

Together, we at Spraoi are building a global team of passionate engineers, innovators and insurance experts. We are delivering next generation, customer-centric insurance solutions. I take great pride in fostering a culture that is open-minded, collaborative and innovative. Spraoi is an awesome environment in which to learn and grow along with our young, energetic team.

Nora Hristova
Product Catalyst

My natural curiosity and the desire for exploration has led me to seek new experiences. That life view was what intrigued me about Spraoi, and has sustained me since joining the company. My role has afforded me the opportunity to learn how advanced technology can transform our future. Being part of a technology startup characterized by unique and innovative thinking allows me to accelerate my professional development and gain invaluable exposure to business and engineering.

My international experience, studying and working in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East has provided me with a global mindset. I leverage my skills to propel our professional brand and enable the delivery of business outcomes by working closely with both our leadership and engineering teams. Spraoi values my fresh perspective, which enables me to make a real contribution to an exciting, technologically driven future.

Rohit Gupta
Account Lead, Group Insurance Leader

Experience delivering business and technology insurance solutions for over two decades led me to the conclusion that there is a way to accelerate deployment of disruptive technologies and superior operating results. This led me to be part of Spraoi, as we shared the same vision.

In my role as Group Benefits leader at Spraoi, I am focused on developing and delivering solutions that address challenges in core group and voluntary markets. We optimize all functions in the value chain: distribution, enrollment, policy administration and claims. The ability to work with a cutting edge engineering team to deploy solutions in weeks (not months or years) to excellent business impact makes working at Spraoi a deeply fulfilling experience!

Amer Khan
Data Science Specialist

Working with the Spraoi team has been an incredibly enriching experience. I have leveraged and extended my background in data science and business management through diverse industry experience. Addressing our client’s challenges and opportunities through cutting edge, technology-enabled business models is exhilarating.

I engage from conceptualization through development of data science models and consult to Fortune 500 clients on business process optimization projects. Having an insider perspective on vast amounts of business data and enterprise grade technological advancements has enabled me to quickly drive business value for our clients.

Christopher Chang
Account Lead

I have a passion for solving problems, and am deeply gratified when our solutions improve our clients’ outcomes. Through almost 15 years as a management consultant, I have been exposed to a multitude of industries and continuously learned different approaches and methods to solving my clients’ greatest challenges. I joined Spraoi to bring my flexible mindset together with Spraoi’s technology capabilities to more efficiently create solutions for clients with greater impact – practical, insightful, and quick.

Prior to joining Spraoi, I worked as a hedge fund analyst before embarking on the journey as a consultant at PwC and EY. While at Spraoi, I continue to provide advisory services in pursuit of new opportunities to improve the insurance industry.

Varun Kutty
Account Lead

My professional life has been oriented on the delivery of large complex technology programs. However, I had found their ability to fundamentally transform insurance companies uneven. At Spraoi, I am leveraging my past experience in core systems transformation to help take new insurance platforms and products to the market. Outcome driven technology delivery, the ethos of Spraoi, resonates with my passion and has me excited about our clients challenges and opportunities everyday.

Prior to joining Spraoi, I worked at Deloitte Consulting LLP as Delivery Lead for large P&C and L&A insurance transformation programs across US, Canada and Europe. I am excited to be part of Spraoi where I can work with and learn from colleagues and deliver technology, not just configuration/integration. This shift in control over the outcome, and maximizing value for our clients through technology, is what sets us apart.

Anuran Mohanty
Data Scientist

Working for startups is my passion. I have always had a knack for building and creating things. Being a part of Spraoi has provided me opportunities to sharpen my skills in the data science arena, working to deliver high performing continuous models for our clients.

Before joining Spraoi, I worked in the Indian Fintech industry. My role here has allowed me to bring together my professional and educational capabilities for machine learning. Things move fast here at Spraoi, and I am enjoying the opportunity to advance our IML solutions for our clients.

Kaushik Deb
Senior Software Engineer

Spraoi has afforded me the opportunity to exploit my software development experience in a new and different way. With prior experience at Deloitte and Cognizant, I was no stranger to a solution focus. However, the level of sophistication in our enterprise architecture has been truly eye-opening.

Being at Spraoi has allowed me to once again see the beauty in architecture, and I look forward to the continued advancement and optimization of our solutions on behalf of our clients.

Devidatta Mohapatra
Senior Software Engineer

The opportunity to be part of something from the ground up is was intrigued me about Spraoi, and sustains me now. While I love to code, it is exhilarating to know that what we build today will be used by our clients for years to come. When we accomplish tasks amongst our team, I see the difference. Everyone feels the same way. Bringing our vision to change the insurance experience is coming to life. This enthusiasm has me willing to leave my comfort zone and grow, whether about content, technology or team role.

I love the start up environment . It has helped me grow as a programmer. At Spraoi I get to work as a backend developer with various technologies, and chart new solutions through machine learning. I look forward to prosper as a valuable member of this company.

Cade Scroggins
Software Engineering Lead

Software should solve problems, not create them. It should ultimately make your life easier and more enjoyable. By utilizing my surroundings, experience and hunger to learn, I’m able to build products that satisfy those requirements.

I bring a fresh perspective to Spraoi—one of a pure consumer. That objectivity enables me to infuse simplicity through our solutions.

Sai Dhruv
Software Engineer

With a keen eye for detail, I tend to keep things simple, minimal, functional, and straightforward. This is why user experience appeals to me. It is also the reason why Spraoi, with its dedicated approach towards solving problems using industry defining technology, is an amazing place to be.

Though pixel perfect feature implementations come as second nature, I tend to put in a lot of thought into the “why’s” of a solution or feature. This helps me get an insight as to how our users would use it, which in turn lets me implement it in a more user-friendly way. Spraoi enables me to be and deliver my best along with the opportunities to dive into some of the forefronts of consumer technologies.

Gowtham Ragupathy
Senior Test Engineer

Spraoi as a firm puts a premium on quality delivery. In my role as a quality assurance practitioner at Sproai, my focus is on ensuring we release quality products and updates to our clients. Spraoi provided an ideal opportunity for me to apply what I have learned over the years. I love to find bugs in code. Every instance identified strengthens the product, and our clients’ confidence in us.

I am leading the institutionalization of a custom testing approach at Spraoi, leveraging the best of exploratory testing and thinking skills. I am excited to be a part of the Spraoi team, and contribute to the delivery of cutting edge solutions.

Ravi Nallakukkala
Senior Software Engineer

My interest in mathematics, finance and insurance, coupled with a global perspective informed by my International business experience in Japan, Switzerland, the UK and the US led me to Spraoi. Since joining the company, I have had the opportunity to bring my passions together for the benefit of our clients, working on a global team, extending my expertise in insurance and developing machine learning solutions.

At Spraoi, we are building next generation tools and frameworks to automate data processing pipelines. Thus enabling developers and data scientists by providing a streamlined environment to tackle industry problems in a sustainable, repeatable way.

Life At Spraoi

Spraoi (sprē) is Gaelic for fun! Having fun at work is an important part of our culture as a company.

July 12, 2018

Spraoi’s Office in Bangalore, India

May 19, 2018

Spraoi Annual Meetings: Austin and Bangalore


Our firm spans the nation and the globe,
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We have an offshore operations and technology center in Bangalore, India. This allows us to ensure that today’s needs become tomorrow’s results.

We continue to look to selectively expand operations.

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