AI based OCR can disrupt the insurance industry as we know it

As innovation continues to disrupt the insurance industry, OCR may offer a solution to fundamentally alter how insurers capture and use the data available to them.

The reality of machine learning delivery

Machine Learning is not just a buzzword. If done right, it can drive results.

Startups are a great way to start off

Startups can help you jump start your career. Learn what makes the startup experience different and unique.

Don’t let your love for code make you a bad engineer

At the end of the day, our clients don’t pay us to code—they pay us to solve problems.

Building A Great Product Development Team & Culture

Impact of right organizational culture cannot be overstated. An engineering mindset and culture are critical to quality product development and to marketplace success.

Demystifying Next Generation Technology

A personal journey from Silicon Valley startups to Apple to the insurance industry, and the lessons learned that have been applied for you.

CIOs Should Become Chief Integration Officers

The convergence of disruptive business models, emerging technologies and the consumerization of insurance has dramatically changed the role of the CIO.

Be "Agile" In Adapting Your Delivery Methodology

Simple, elegant solutions cannot be developed using complicated processes delivery methodologies.

Aligning our interests to yours

Many are talking about the catalytic impact of InsurTech on their operating models. Having seen this first hand, we decided to develop a set of solutions to affect this change with our clients.