Insurance Machine Learning (IML) Suite

The IML™ Suite is a comprehensive set of machine learning algorithms tailored to optimize functions across all Insurance lines.


Optimize results, regardless of platform or technology vendor landscape.


SaaS model eliminates delivery delays and overruns.


Pre-existing APIs and pre-built user experience(s) configured for your needs.

Spraoi’s Evergreen IML Process


Understand the why of the problem, leveraging IML use cases. Should additional data be pursued?


Consider what data is available, what data is missing and what data can be removed.


Draft and iteratively adjust the model(s) to best fit the data, and derive maximum insight from underlying patterns.


Design an experience for your user group. Is the information pushed? Pulled? Periodic? Episodic? Integrated?


Consider desired confidence thresholds and adjust accordingly. Leverage additional data to further refine/tune results.

The IML Suite Architecture

Spraoi’s IML Architecture is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

  • A scalable technology stack using AWS
  • Simplified integration with any technology ecosystem using a Rest API layer
  • Optional UX developed through componentized next generation technology frameworks
  • Greater insight into your historical data through data quality reports
  • Self-learning models require minimal investment of client practitioner time

Our use cases address the largest issues confronting insurance companies across segments and functions. We analyze your data and tailor ML models to bring new insights to action.