Machine Learning Solutions

We have created a platform that accelerates the delivery of machine learning models with proven success in the market.


Our team of analysts, data scientists and engineers have developed machine learning SaaS solutions that can be delivered via API or with our user experience.

Disability Fraud Finder
Disability Claims Suite
Enrollment Propensity To Buy

Disability Fraud Finder

We have an out of the box (OOB) machine learning driven disability claims fraud solution complete with a user experience to improve fraud detection and positively impact your reserves.

Disability Claims Suite

Our disability claims suite offers a comprehensive machine learning enabled solution for disability claims. Capabilities include segmentation, assignment, auto adjudication, STD to LTD bridging, settlement recommendations, offsets and prediction of third party referral requirements.

Enrollment Propensity To Buy

Our propensity to purchase solution provides the product recommendation capabilities to customers based on prior purchasing behaviors.

Our Patent Pending Infrastructure

We offer continuous delivery of machine learning models and enable observability in production to allow machine learning teams (e.g. data engineers, data scientists and dev ops) to scale effectively.


Harmonious co-existence of desired capabilities for data scientists, engineers and dev-ops. We enable execution of models in the same place without human intervention, maximizing time spent ideating and developing.



Our team continues to develop solutions for our clients and add to our product and solutions portfolio. Our proven methodology can rapidly develop a model (with optional UX) within 10-16 weeks.