Machine Learning Platform

Ingest, analyze, transform and visualize data in a single collaborative workspace. Barrel combines the features of a model building platform, transformations and pipeline tools into one intuitive infrastructure.

  • Standardize
  • Repeat
  • Observe
  • Measure
  • Experiment
  • Scale

Disability Claims Suite

This solution can be quickly fit to your data. While these function across lines of business, we also have developed specific models for product lines.

  • Segmentation & Assignment

    Go beyond rules-based assignment at first notice (FNOL) to adjuster assignment based upon individual examiner capability to handle the claim.

  • Auto Adjudication

    Adjudicate claims minimizing human intervention through recognition of those with predictable outcomes for resolution without adjuster participation.

  • Fraud Identification

    Identify fraudulent claims faster and/or those previously unidentified.

  • Settlement

    Identify claims for predicting settlement outcomes.

  • Bridging

    Identify STD claims at appropriate points in the process to be bridged over to LTD case management.

  • Offset

    Identify claims with likelihood of positive social security, a pension and/or workers comp considerations.

Additional Models

We continue to extend models available within the Barrel framework. Below are others we have developed with clients.

  • Purchase Predictor

    Purchase predictor insight into product and customer alignment to appropriately direct, increase likelihood of purchase and offer better product fit.

  • Application Level Fraud

    Application level fraud identifying patterns in applicants with a propensity to be fraudulent in the annuities space.

  • Distribution Fraud

    Distribution fraud review policies and their distribution source to identify institutional fraud in the annuities space.

  • Employee Level Fraud

    Employee level fraud identify patterns of claims payments and disbursements for operational manipulation of the disbursement process in the annuities space.

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