Be “Agile” in Adapting Your Delivery Methodology

Karan Mishra
·January 15, 2018

elegant solutions cannot be developed using complicated processes and delivery methodologies. As an industry, insurance has looked to move from the traditional waterfall development paradigm to agile delivery. However, the term agile sends shivers down the spine of most executives today. As technology solution companies, we are prone to think of delivery in the context of technology delivery without always accounting for process implications and disruption that comes with the introduction of a new technology. An elegant way to deliver a solution that is adopted more readily across the organization is to offer a delivery mechanism that teams can rally around and more importantly wrap their heads around. So how should one solve for it?

prefer to think of the next delivery wave to be one that uses agile principles that are adapted to the needs of insurers. Further more, use an incremental shift in the delivery methodology to have a more a pragmatic approach to shifting the delivery discipline of an organization. Start with simple small projects that can "fit" within the existing organizational model and structures with minimal process interruption. Have a small set of "champions" work in the context of this "smaller" engagement to better understand the benefits and ROI of the new delivery discipline. The champions can then serve as ambassadors and the successful engagement as a case study for the roll out of the delivery discipline.

There is no "silver bullet" delivery methodology that can be used out of the box for every business problem. The focus needs to be on being "Agile" in adapting the delivery framework to each unique client problem.

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