Climbing up the Ladder

Diksha Divakar
·February 16, 2021

had an amazing opportunity to begin my career as a software development intern at Spraoi. The internship was a great learning experience and paved the way for me to grow personally and professionally. From the beginning of my internship, I felt like a part of the Spraoi team and that my work is important and impactful. The collaborative culture of the organization was evident in every discussion I was a part of.

one of the best things about working at a startup is the opportunity to branch out beyond your specific area of focus and expand your horizons. The tasks and projects I worked on during my internship helped me gain functional knowledge, an understanding of end to end workflow, and the ability to tie it up in business requirements. Every task I pursued allowed me to develop a wide range of skills vital to my project and made me realize that growth happens outside your comfort zone. Throughout my journey, I was able to accept new challenges with the guidance of my mentors and come out successfully even when I hit a few roadblocks. It was exciting to work in a fast-paced environment with cutting edge technologies and every day brought in a new opportunity to learn and grow.

True learning happens when we reflect on our experience. Reflecting on the wide spectrum of things I have learned from my internship, I plan on applying those lessons to solve exciting challenges in my current role as a Software Engineer at Spraoi. I look forward to the progress ahead.

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