Demystifying Next Generation Technology

Santoash Rajaram
·April 02, 2018

fell in love with programming at the age of nine when I was introduced to Pascal. Luckily, both programming languages and my understanding of computer science have come a long way. When I finished graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon, I started working for Oracle as an Application Developer followed by a start up. This experience proved invaluable, affording me the opportunity to understand what it takes to build scalable software solutions end-to-end. There is no such thing as “someone else’s problem” on a team of four engineers!

experience with startups made me hungry to apply the principles learned there on a larger scale. Enter Apple, where I started working on the iTunes team and leading many development efforts. In the heart of Silicon Valley, I noticed an interesting trend. My engineering colleagues didn’t spend enough time applying the right technology to a problem set, gravitating instead to the "technology du jour." This predilection caused the need for increased governance and costly cycle times lost. It was clear to me that this approach was flawed, and the business problem that we are trying to solve should dictate the technology chosen. My Apple experiences reinforced that pragmatism. My love of startup culture and industrial Apple methods came together with AI: artificial intelligence.

That’s what I love most about technology. The learning never stops!

How does all this apply to Insurance, you ask? Leveraging my experiences as a consumer and augmenting through engagement with Matt and Karan, I understand the technology challenges insurers face. I want to demystify technology for the insurance sector. Next generation technologies don’t have to come at prohibitive price points, and taking them on should be an exciting experience, not a scary one.

Matt, Karan and I feel confident that the pragmatic approach we bring to solving business problems will transform your insurance business. We are excited to partner with you, and deliver on our promise of tailored solutions at reasonable prices.

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