Internship Experience

Samanvith Chetlapalli
·August 08, 2019

are a great way to learn. This was the case during my internship experience at Spraoi. With my background in engineering management and data analytics, I was hunting for internship opportunities that I felt would be the best fit and help me advance my skills for a career in the technology solutions and consulting space. Fortunately, I came across an opportunity at Spraoi.

my role within the company as an analyst and project management intern, I learned a great deal that cannot be conveyed in the classroom. The internship provided me with an environment to put all my theoretical knowledge to practice and into perspective by working on deliverables for a client with the Spraoi team. The organization and its dynamics came as quite a surprise to me. Realizing that the majority of the people working at the organization work in a virtual environment, I was struck by how efficiently and synchronously all the project related tasks were segregated and accomplished over remote conferencing (e.g. Slack, Google Hangout) inspired me.

I realize how important the project management aspect is in a scenario like to this. To make sure all the deadlines are met and the solution is delivered swiftly and in accordance with client expectations. The start-up environment and horizontal hierarchy of the organization gave me access and the freedom to talk to anyone within the organization for guidance without any restrictions. This not only helped me approach my superiors easily but also allowed me to interact with them, learn from their experience and receive valuable advice. This is a distinct advantage to working for a start-up. The culture, particularly in the case of Spraoi, keeps you on your toes by challenging the individual with engaging tasks. It provides opportunities for one-on-one mentoring and close attention to each individual of the organization, thereby making it easier to track individual productivity, and also provide detailed feedback for self-improvement. In my case, weekly feedback on progress and constructive feedback helped me take a step back and work on the areas which needed improvement. As a result, the improvement of my technical and professional skills was easily measured through the accomplishment and accuracy of subsequent tasks.

The most noticeable feature I observed during my time with Spraoi was how open and embracing the organization was in accepting new people and entrusting them with responsibilities that include deliverables for the client. This may be a little daunting and nerve-wracking for a new intern in the organization, but as time progresses, you learn to keep up with the tasks and learn to prioritize your tasks. The time that I had spent interning with Spraoi helped me get a glimpse into sprint planning and project management. Being part of an actual client project provided me perspective as to what goes into technology solution delivery. My internship experience with Spraoi was fulfilling and I'm glad to have been part of an organization that is making its Insurance clients future-ready in the machine learning and customer experience disciplines.

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