PM on the Run

Neli Popova
·July 10, 2020

childhood and adolescence, we are constantly asked what we want to be when we grow up, and the kinds of things we will study to pursue that goal. Some people know from a young age the path they will pursue, but for me it took multiple courses, projects, experiments to realize my true passion is project management. When I started my first year of college at DeVry University, I knew that I was interested in business, but my family and professors always directed me to focus on one specific major. I pursued classes in finance, accounting, and even global chain management, but no single discipline caught my attention enough for me to want to pursue it in my future. Then a classmate recommended I consider project management as my business concentration. Right away, it was clear to me that I had found my passion. It took me about three years to decide on a major, but I finally did it (and with a master’s degree to top it off)!

some people, project management may be seen as the creation of a compound plan to hang on the wall with a bunch of check marks. A to-do list, nothing more. But effective project management is about taking a project of value and applying features and knowledge about finances, risks, resources, milestones, preparation and implementation to enhance and improve it. My experience in project management has not only allowed me to succeed in my career, but in my everyday life as well, as I am trained to take a holistic view of every situation or project with regard to the risks and consequences involved.

Project management can be viewed as common sense, but anyone who has ever worked on a project in a technical setting knows that this “common sense” is not always easily accomplished. By taking each task and evaluating it against the goal of the project and assessing potential risks that could be associated with that one task and its entirety, one is able to see the bigger picture. Currently, the project I am working on has many moving parts and if one risk arises or a single item is not completed on time, that has a major significance on the outcome of the project and whether certain aspects will be delayed. Project management is more than just picking a project and ensuring it is complete, rather it is about analyzing it from start to finish and ensuring all items, tasks, risks and resolutions are evaluated.

Spraoi has not only enabled me to bring in my project management experience and knowledge, but has challenged me to apply this skill to both a technical as well as a business aspect to an industry I never thought I would have the opportunity of being a part of. As a Product Catalyst at Spraoi, I have been able to analyze projects by incorporating all the skills mentioned above, such as analyzing risks, resources, milestones and of course, preparation and implementation.

The opportunity to work on a project where I can utilize all of my skills as well as expand and learn something new everyday is an amazing opportunity in which I will be forever thankful. From requirements management to establishing strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders to advocate the deployment service value proposition within a project, I have been challenged tremendously in my career. I plan to continue applying my project management skills as well as learning new ways to apply those skills to my position as a Product Catalyst at Spraoi.

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