Travel, Empathy and the Workplace

Avinash Kaul
·July 17, 2020

lived in Saudi Arabia, spent most of my childhood in Canada and now reside in Chicago. In addition the places I have called home, I have travelled extensively, to approximately 15 countries over my 24 years. These experiences have given me a window into many diverse cultures and ways of life that are quite different than the way we live in the US.

the most dramatic differences were observed during my many trips to India. As both of my parents are Indian natives, we traveled to the country quite frequently, sometimes multiple times a year. India has one of the largest economies on the world, however the income polarization between the wealthy and the very poor is shocking. This was apparent to me even as a child and informed my worldview and gave me a level of empathy that I would not otherwise have possessed. Subsequently, each additional country I visited or lived in reinforced this empathy, teaching me to understand and relate to diverse groups of people and circumstances.

These qualities can and should be applied to the business world. Empathy in the workplace, especially in consulting, is a valuable asset as it allows us to better understand problems and provide more efficient solutions. At Spraoi, intuitive problem solving is at the core of everything we do. The diversity of our team, both in background and life experience, allows us to effectively relate to and empathize with our clients, better understanding their needs and enabling us to deliver the most effective results for both the short and long term.

I believe that every experience provides lessons for how to better engage with others, including clients. The world is a never-ending source of knowledge and experiences and the culture at Spraoi allows and encourages us to continually reach, learn and grow, for our benefit and that of the clients we serve. As Shakespeare said “The world is your oyster,” so let’s go collect our pearls!

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