An experience, worthwhile...

Sara Aafreen
·February 16, 2021

forward in time and this is exactly what we are doing with data science now; extracting value out of incoherent data and using it to make our lives easier and more efficient.

I started my journey with Spraoi, I possessed little to no experience with data science. The time I have spent with the company has been truly educational, and the knowledge I have gained here has helped me build a fresh perspective on the scale and scope of data science and its efficacy in the insurance sector.

The projects that I participated in have given me a very holistic view of what goes behind the scenes of a Data Science engagement. From the state-of-art approaches adopted to the different facets and features of engineering, I learned how each step is taken to improve upon the unstructured data received from clients. Furthermore, I was able to understand the background processes that occur before an ML model goes into production.

Spraoi’s remarkable culture has made the experience all the more enriching. The company’s transparent and flat architecture makes it easy to approach and communicate with anyone on the team. The team leaders are very encouraging and supportive. During my one to one mentoring sessions, there was a regular supervision of my growth curve and the tasks I had taken up. Furthermore, I felt I had ownership of my path at Spraoi, since we are not limited to a certain templated work but rather chose the track we want to focus on while laying the outline of the value it adds to the organization.

The data science industry is still young and its job descriptions in this field might seem vague and ambiguous to young job seekers. Here at Spraoi, however, it is a thriving learning platform where you are continually encouraged to grow and master ingenuity allowing you to confidently step into work. As is often said, ‘Your limitation, it’s only your imagination’, after my experience at Spraoi, I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities out there.

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