In addition to our solutions, the Spraoi team has the expertise to take delivery accountability from concept through execution, thus eliminating technology as the impediment to progress.


We provide technology strategy, management, design, development and deployment capabilities. When combined with the depth of our technology talent and domain expertise we can bring demonstrable change in weeks.

Third Party Administration
Build, Operate, Transfer

Integration Services

We offer advanced integration services leveraging best in class technologies. Our integration services include API implementations using AWS (via our API gateway infrastructure) to write custom integration to back the API quickly. We provide built-in auditing, logging and tracing and the ability to configure different authentication mechanisms.

Data Services

Our data services include, but are not limited to, working with clients to outline their data strategy and translate strategies into implementable solutions. Our offerings include: data strategy, data lake implementation, data supply chain modeling and implementation, integration with legacy systems using common sense infrastructure, data replication, data backup and dataset tracking and data auditing.

Third Party Administration Services

With our alliance partners, we can handle the entire value chain from quote through administration, in both D2C and agent-assisted models for flexibility as consumer behaviors evolve. Our integrated technology and TPA services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Customer support
  • Service center operations
  • UW decision management
  • Billing, collections, commissions, reconciliations
  • Data feeds/reporting
  • Service level agreements
  • Agent-assisted phone sales

Build/Operate/Transfer Services

For clients that want to minimize vendor lock-in, we offer technology development capabilities from the ground up with the option to transition it over to our clients using our build, operate and transfer service model.

Innovation as a Service

Our innovation as a service approach provides technology strategy, management, design, development and deployment capabilities. When combined with our machine learning expertise, the result is data-forward engineering that can bring demonstrable change in mere weeks.


Be the disrupter, or get disrupted. We have a proven ability to accelerate the innovation agenda through our teams and solutions. Integrated analytical and engineering talent can deliver results in two-week sprints.